LOG3103 Logistics in operations

Course code: 
Course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Logistikk i operasjoner
Program of study: 
Bachelor i militære studier
Level of study: 
Teaching semester: 
2023 Spring
Assessment semester: 
2023 Spring
Language of instruction: 
Norwegian / English
Person in charge: 
Lasse Elvemo
Course content

The course focuses on logistics in the present and logistics planning in the shorter and longer term. The exercise of logistical support to military operations nationally and internationally. Focus is on the entirety for logistics, and how work is done for good readiness with varying readiness times. The course seeks to contextualise revised theory in an operational context. The course includes a trip around central units in the Armed Forces, including NLOGS, FOH and other tactical units, to gain insight into the practical execution of operations and support of operations at several levels.

Learning outcome


After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:

  • Describe and account for operative logistics, as well as fundamental constraints in the planning and decision making process, and factors that contribute to the increased operative ability of the Armed Forces’ units.
  • Explain logistics in the range from stationary to strengthening and organic level.
  • Explain principles for readiness and how readiness may be achieved.
  • Discuss logistics in a crisis response perspective.
  • Describe the disciplines history, traditions, distinctive character and place in the Armed Forces.
  • Account for the country’s total defence concept, including readiness system and plans.
  • Discuss the Norwegian National Host Country Support concept in the context of the total defence, and how it is connected to civilian-military cooperation.
  • Describe and contextualise principles and concepts for implementing logistics nationally and internationally, also in UN and NATO contexts.



After completion of the course, the cadets can:

  • Apply professional knowledge and relevant information in a planning group as logistics officer in the Armed Forces at a tactical level
  • Account for the steps in operative planning at an operational and tactical level with particular focus on the logistics assessment
  • Account for the key issues in logistics in operations and the discipline’s significance for military decisions
  • Use professional tools and forms of expression in their appropriate context.
  • Contribute to safeguard the planning and decision-making process at a tactical level, with emphasis on the role of logistics.


General competence:

After completion of the course, the cadets can:

  • Apply principles for logistics support to the Armed Forces’ operative units in peace, crisis and war domestically and in foreign operations. 
Working and learning activities

The course will have a practice component where visits to units that work with the subject’s problems are likely.

Sensor system

Examination is carried out according to the Regulations for Admission, Studies and Examinations (in Norwegian, “Forskrift om opptak, studier og eksamen”) at the Norwegian Defence University College.



Logistikkens rolle i operativ planprosess.

Logistikkens rolle i militære operasjoner. 

Logistikken som muliggjører og begrensende faktor.

Totalforsvarskonseptet, relevante aktører og praktisk utførelse

Beredskap for militære operasjoner, ansvar, myndighet, styrende dokumenter og praksis.



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Regjeringen (2018) Støtte og samarbeid, beskrivelse av totalforsvarskonseptet i daghttps://www.regjeringen.no/contentassets/5a9bd774183b4d548e33da101e7f7d4...

Kilder tilgjengelig via FOBID (Forsvarets intranett):

Direktiv for operativ krav.

Direktiv for styrkeoppbygging.

Direktiv for logistikkvirksomheten i Forsvaret

Direktiv for vertslandsstøtte

Konsept for logistikk i Forsvaret.

Konsept for logistikk til landstyrkene

Konsept for logistikk i Sjøforsvaret

Forsvarets Fellesoperative doktrine. - Kapittel 1-3

Stabshåndbok i Plan- og beslutningsprosessen for den enkelte Forsvarsgren

TAMP - Taktisk Maritim Planlegging - metode for planlegging av operasjoner


NATO dokumenter/ publikasjoner:

MC 319/2 NATO principles and policies for logistics

MC 55/4 NATO Logistics readiness and sustainability policy

AJP 4 B Allied doctrine for logistics

AJP-4.4 Movement and Transportation Doctrine

AJP-4.5 Doctrine for Host Nation Support

AJP-4.6 Doctrine JLSG

BI-SC Capability Codes and Capability statements


ALP 4.1 NATO Multinational Maritime Force Logistics

ALP 4.2 NATO Land Forces Logistic Doctrine

ALP 4.3 NATO Air Forces Logistic Doctrine and Procedure

NATO Logistic handbook




Listou, T. (2011) Supply Chain Design for preparedness - doktorgradsavhandling, Universitetet i Lund

Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionOral examinationCommentSupported materials
FordypningsoppgaveGroup1Week(s)A-F Not required
Form of assessment:Fordypningsoppgave
Type of duration:Week(s)
Grading scale:A-F
Oral examination:Not required
Supported materials:
Lasse Elvemo