Basic Officer Supplement (GOP)

Program of study: 
Grunnleggende offiserspåbyggning (GOP)
Level of study: 
2 semesters

Dette er en militærfaglig tilleggsutdanning for deg som allerede har fullført sivil utdanning på bachelor- eller masternivå. Utdanningen bygger videre på din sivile kompetanse, og gjør deg kvalifisert til å jobbe som offiser i Forsvaret innen ditt fagfelt. Du får gratis utdanning, mat og bosted gjennom hele studiet, og etter endt utdanning er du garantert fast jobb i Forsvaret. 

Course model: 
Course2020 Autumn2021 Spring
Semester 2 - ved grenvis krigsskole
Hærkadetter ved avdeling Krigsskolen
Sjøkadetter ved avdeling Sjøkrigsskolen
Luftkadetter ved avdeling Luftkrigsskolen

The Basic Officer Supplement forms the basis for the officer to exercise his/her profession both individually and in partnership with others, in situations characterised by great complexity, danger and stress. This creates specific requirements regarding knowledge, skills and general competence. Through mentally and physically challenging exercises, the training also provides the cadets with the ability to manage/cope with complexity, uncertainty and stress.

Learning outcome


On completed and passed GOP, cadets will have basic knowledge of and be able to update their knowledge of:

  • strengths and weaknesses of the utilisation of military power in a historical and contemporary perspective, including how the development of the nature and essence of war affects the military profession and military operations in the present and future
  • principles of military leadership at the individual, group/team and organisational levels
  • the officer's ethical and legal freedoms to act.
  • the role of the military forces within society and explaining how political objectives are achieved by military means.
  • Norwegian security and defence policy as a framework for Norway's use of military power, including international institutional frameworks.
  • key themes and problems within military theory, with a specialisation in theory relevant to their own area of expertise.
  • scientific theory and methodology, the Armed Forces’ service personnel in war and peace and be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of these.
  • which structures and units the Armed Forces is composed of and which main tasks these have


After a completed and passed GOP, the candidates shall be able to at a basic level

  • apply theoretical and practical leadership tools independently, as well as exercise judgement within your subject field, through the leadership and execution of missions, whether alone or as part of a group.
  • assess tactical and technical combat assignments and missions in their field in the context of conditions such as strategy, politics, culture, operation, legal frameworks and ethics.
  • lead and carry out skills development within their field at a team or troop level.
  • write reports on relevant issues in the military profession in keeping with scientific methodology.

General competence

After a completed and passed GOP, the cadets shall at a basic level be capable of:

  • understanding the values, ethics and legal foundations upon which the Norwegian Armed Forces are founded.
  • identify with the military profession and the responsibility officers have.
  • exercise their leadership and service according to the values, ethics and legal foundations of the Norwegian Armed Forces, and live according to these principles.
  • think critically and exchange opinions with both superiors and subordinates and, by dint of this, contribute to the development and improvement of the Norwegian Armed Forces.
Person in charge: 
Roar Wold
Sven G. Holtsmark