Basic Officer Supplement (GOP)

This is a military supplementary education for those who already have completed a civilian education at a Bachelor or Master level. The education extends your civilian expertise and qualifies you to work as an officer in the Armed Forces in your field. You are given a free education, food and lodging for the entire study, and after graduation you are guaranteed permanent employment in the Armed Forces. 

  • Study modes

    Full time
  • Credits

  • Application date

    15. April 2020
  • Start semester




On completed and passed GOP, cadets will have basic knowledge of and be able to update their knowledge of:

  • strengths and weaknesses of the utilisation of military power in a historical and contemporary perspective, including how the development of the nature and essence of war affects the military profession and military operations in the present and future
  • principles of military leadership at the individual, group/team and organisational levels
  • the officer's ethical and legal freedoms to act.
  • the role of the military forces within society and explaining how political objectives are achieved by military means.
  • Norwegian security and defence policy as a framework for Norway's use of military power, including international institutional frameworks.
  • key themes and problems within military theory, with a specialisation in theory relevant to their own area of expertise.
  • scientific theory and methodology, the Armed Forces’ service personnel in war and peace and be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of these.
  • which structures and units the Armed Forces is composed of and which main tasks these have


After a completed and passed GOP, the candidates shall be able to at a basic level

  • apply theoretical and practical leadership tools independently, as well as exercise judgement within your subject field, through the leadership and execution of missions, whether alone or as part of a group.
  • assess tactical and technical combat assignments and missions in their field in the context of conditions such as strategy, politics, culture, operation, legal frameworks and ethics.
  • lead and carry out skills development within their field at a team or troop level.
  • write reports on relevant issues in the military profession in keeping with scientific methodology.

General competence

After a completed and passed GOP, the cadets shall at a basic level be capable of:

  • understanding the values, ethics and legal foundations upon which the Norwegian Armed Forces are founded.
  • identify with the military profession and the responsibility officers have.
  • exercise their leadership and service according to the values, ethics and legal foundations of the Norwegian Armed Forces, and live according to these principles.
  • think critically and exchange opinions with both superiors and subordinates and, by dint of this, contribute to the development and improvement of the Norwegian Armed Forces.