ING3501 Role and communication 1

Course code: 
Course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Rolle og kommunikasjon 1
Program of study: 
Bachelor i ingeniørfag, studieretning telematikk
Level of study: 
Teaching semester: 
2023 Autumn
Assessment semester: 
2023 Autumn
Language of instruction: 
Person in charge: 
Elisabeth Désirée Eriksen
Course content

The purpose of the course is to provide the students with knowledge and understanding of their role as a cyber engineer by developing English oral and written language skills as a basis for participation in international operations and collaboration in general, and in Communication and Information Systems (CIS) and the cyber domain in particular. 

Course topics

  • Enlargement of the vocabulary using relevant texts that focus on the role as cyber engineer in the Armed Forces, both technical and in relation to defence/society
  • Practical language skills, reading/listening comprehension, speaking and writing skills (the four skills)
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation/intonation
  • Oral presentation (brief/instruction) with technical, society and defence related – and/or military content
  • News briefs
Learning outcome


After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:

  • describe and explain ones duties, tasks and work as a cyber engineer by acquiring general language skills and developing good communicative competence both orally and in writing in general, engineering and military subjects
  • comprehend technical English in general and technical engineering in particular with regard to word use/vocabulary within their field


After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:

  • communicate efficiently and functionally both in wiring and orally in English in different situations with precision, flow and coherence
  • adapt linguistic expressions and behaviour to the relevant cultural and military context


After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:

  • apply the English language both orally and in writing in their role as cyber engineer, including cooperation with other nations and in international operations  
  • maintain and develop own linguistic expertise
Working and learning activities

Lectures, assignments solving individually and/or in groups, plenary/group discussions and conversations and possibly different training arenas/exercises

Sensor system

Examination is carried out according to the Regulations for Admission, Studies and Examinations (in Norwegian, “Forskrift om opptak, studier og eksamen”) at the Norwegian Defence University College.

Additional information
    • Kompendier fra bl.a. Bergskaug (generell/teknisk engelsk)
    • Utvalgte forsvarsrelaterte tekster og militærfaglige tekster på engelsk.
    • Thesen, H. (2000) Lingua - Arbeidsgrammatikk Engelsk (6. utg, 9. opplag 2014) Oslo: Aschehoug ISBN 978-82-03-32649-3

    Annen pensumlitteratur vil bli oppgitt og oppslagsverk gis ut ved semesterstart

    Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionOral examinationCommentSupported materials
    Skriftlig eksamenIndividual5HoursA-F100%Not required
    Form of assessment:Skriftlig eksamen
    Type of duration:Hours
    Grading scale:A-F
    Oral examination:Not required
    Supported materials:
    Elisabeth Désirée Eriksen