ING2503 Information security

Course code: 
Course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Program of study: 
Bachelor i ingeniørfag, studieretning telematikk
Level of study: 
Teaching semester: 
2022 Autumn
Assessment semester: 
2022 Autumn
Person in charge: 
Mass Soldal Lund
Espen Flydahl
Geir Arne Bunde
Course content

The course will provide the student with knowledge and skills in information security. Emphasis is on security in information systems and the relevance of information security in military operations.
The course is based on ING1502 Mathematical methods 1, ING1503 Programming and digital technology and ING1506 Data communication.

Course topics

  • Cryptography
  • Security in applications and web
  • Security requirements, certification and accreditation
  • Risk assessments  
  • Security models security architecture
  • Laws, regulations and standards
Learning outcome

After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:

  • demonstrate understanding of basic concepts and definitions in information and cyber security 
  • explain about different security mechanisms, security models and security architectures
  • explain different types of ICT security incidents and how information systems can be defended against cyber threats and attacks 
  • describe methods for risk assessment, security requirements and security certification and accreditation 
  • provide a description of common cryptography methods and algorithms, and how these are constructed 
  • describe the requirements for information systems through relevant laws, regulations, regulations and standards, including the Security Act

After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:

  • apply principles and methods for securing information systems
  • make an assessment of operational risk in relation to the security of information systems and describe relevant security measures
  • contribute to the preparation of safety documentation that highlights security requirements and operativ effect of security incidents

General competence: 
After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:

  • demonstrate insight into issues related to information security, reflect over his or hers own professional practise, and contribute to good security practices
  • describe the importance of security services in military operations
  • discuss security against the consequences of security incidents, economy and use of resources
Working and learning activities

Lectures, self-studies, group assignments and compulsory exercises. 

Sensor system

Examination is carried out according to the Regulations for Admission, Studies and Examinations (in Norwegian, “Forskrift om opptak, studier og eksamen”) at the Norwegian Defence University College.


Curriculum is stated at the beginning of the semester

Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionOral examinationCommentSupported materials
Skriftlig eksamenIndividual4HoursA-F 100 %Not required
Form of assessment:Skriftlig eksamen
Type of duration:Hours
Grading scale:A-F
Proportion: 100 %
Oral examination:Not required
Supported materials:
Geir Arne Bunde