ING1506 Data communication

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Course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Program of study: 
Bachelor i ingeniørfag, studieretning telematikk
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Teaching semester: 
2022 Spring
Assessment semester: 
2022 Spring
Person in charge: 
Anders Fongen
Geir Arne Bunde
Course content

The course shall provide the student with the basic knowledge and skills required for efficient and innovative application of data communication for military purposes.
The course is based on ING1503 Programming and digital technology

Course topics
• Key protocols for the exchange of information in computer networks
• Organisation and configuration of network components
• Wireless networks
• Audio and video data and service quality in networks
• Network security
• Network administration

Learning outcome

After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:
• provide a detailed description of components used for the transfer of information between computers
• demonstrate detailed knowledge of the layer model and the protocols used for communication over the Internet
• describe the main features for data communication in wireless networks
• explain how audio and video data is transferred in packet-switched networks
• describe principles and applications network administration
• describe key concepts, protocols and components in network security

After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:
• construct networks logically
• establish networks with components and program the individual components to work as intended
• conduct tracing of network traffic with network protocol analyser and be able to interpret the result

General competence
After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:
• use own words to describe which conditions affect the performance and functionality of a military communication system

Working and learning activities

Lectures, laboratory experiments, tests and compulsory exercises. Completion of military exercise.

The number of exercises is determined at the start of the course.

Sensor system

Examination is carried out according to the Regulations for Admission, Studies and Examinations (in Norwegian, “Forskrift om opptak, studier og eksamen”) at the Norwegian Defence University College.


Kurose, J. F. & Ross, K. W. (2021). Computer networking: a top-down approach (8th. ed.). Pearson Education.
Articles and compendiums provided by the teacher.

Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionOral examinationCommentSupported materials
Skriftlig eksamenIndividual5HoursA-F 100 %Not required
Form of assessment:Skriftlig eksamen
Type of duration:Hours
Grading scale:A-F
Proportion: 100 %
Oral examination:Not required
Supported materials:
Geir Arne Bunde