ING1505 Chemistry

Course code: 
Course name in Norwegian Bokmål: 
Program of study: 
Bachelor i ingeniørfag, studieretning telematikk
Level of study: 
Teaching semester: 
2022 Spring
Assessment semester: 
2022 Spring
Language of instruction: 
Norwegian / English
Person in charge: 
Geir Arne Bunde
Course content

The course will give the student a basic introduction to chemistry and thus form the basis for understanding the relevance of chemistry in the cyber engineer’s discipline. 

This course is taught by a representative from NTNU/Gjøvik. This representative is responsible for implementing the course in accordance with this course description.

Course topics
• The periodic system and the elements’ properties
• The structure of chemical compounds
• Quantity calculations and the equilibrium concept
• Reduction and oxidation reactions
• Naming
• Gases
• Solutions
• Basic organic chemistry
• Chemical equilibrium
• Acids and bases
• Electrochemistry

Learning outcome

After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:
• describe the properties of the elements based on their position in the periodic system
• demonstrate and understanding of basic chemical concepts and principles
• describe naming of organic and inorganic compounds
• explain basic concepts in electrochemistry and how corrosion can arise and be prevented
• demonstrate basic understanding of organic compounds

After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:
• apply a relevant concept and system of formulae
• apply principles in chemistry to explain technical problems
• perform calculations in connection with the topics in the chemistry section

General competence
After completion of the course, the cadet is able to:
• use own words to describe the application and significance for engineering problems

Working and learning activities

Lectures, compulsory laboratory assignments(for those without chemistry from high school) and assignment solving. 

Sensor system

Examination is carried out according to the Regulations for Admission, Studies and Examinations (in Norwegian, “Forskrift om opptak, studier og eksamen”) at the Norwegian Defence University College.


Rystad, B. & Lauritzen, O. (2012). Kjemi og miljøkunnskap (4. utg.). NKI-forl.

Form of assessmentGroupingDurationType of durationGrading scaleProportionOral examinationCommentSupported materials
Skriftlig eksamenIndividual4HoursA-F 100 %Not required Approved formula collection and calculator.
Form of assessment:Skriftlig eksamen
Type of duration:Hours
Grading scale:A-F
Proportion: 100 %
Oral examination:Not required
Supported materials: Approved formula collection and calculator.
Geir Arne Bunde